Monday, August 4, 2008

Roll over Beethoven (the other way!)

The little lovie rolled over from her back to front the other day. She also has been upgraded to the big girl crib (she had slept in the bassinet in our room up until now.) She made the bassinet look so little, but now she makes the crib seem really big. I will try to get some more video up sometime soon. Here are some more pictures of the girl.

I love to look at you dollie!

But I love to bite you more!

You think I can reach that bumble bee and yank it down?

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Alma said...

Hola Elliana,
Grandma is so proud of the lovey girl. I miss you and send lots of kisses to you.

trish said...

Uncle Matthew really enjoyed his special visitors today at his field trip to Stage Fort Park!!
We are looking forward to seeing Elliana and the gang on Sunday.