Monday, October 19, 2009

Face Paint

Ok, I have official been a horrible blogger lately. It's been what, two weeks? Yikes. I am going to get on it, and make a bunch of posts this week (I hope). Here are some funny shots of Elliana with her first face painting ever, Ice Cream (pronounced AH-tin for some reason).

Close up. (Click on the picture to see the bigger version and check out how awesome the little beads of water look. Must've hit the shutter button just as she finished drinking and a little sprayed out.)
Sharing Grampy's favorite snack, Hoodsies!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! I am so sorry for not commenting lately. It has been very hectic around here and illness and a death have been keeping us out of the loop. I do however think about you all often!! My sweet little Elliana is getting more and more adorable by the secound!! I heard she is getting quite a lot of words together! She is a very smart little darling! Oh how I wish we could get together some time!! Love and miss you all!! Kathy