Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First time Skiing!!!

We went on the annual Masse Ski Trip this past weekend, and got Elliana on the slopes for the first time ever! She had a great time, loved wearing her ski boots and skis and she did a great job on the bunny slope. Here she is heading up the magic carpet for the first time.
First time down, holding hands...
Wow, this is fun!
Catch me!
Through Daddy's legs!
All by myself!
Nice balance!
Gliding along...
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Anonymous said...

Elliana , you are awesome ! Love PAPA .

PAPA said...

So much skill .

Anonymous said...

Elliana, you never cease to amaze me!! I think that is wonderful that you are learning how to ski, and you look like you are really having fun!!What GREAT family fun!! Love you,my precious!! Kathy