Friday, December 7, 2012

Re-kickstart of The Blog!

I have obviously been terrible about updates on the blog since last winter.  It seems Facebook has kind of taken over as far as the online world goes, but I realized that the blog dedicated to pictures of Elliana has given a great chronological progression of her growth from baby to little girl. 

Just going back through older posts around the time of Elliana's first few months, the resemblance between her and Crofton at similar ages is unreal sometimes.  I felt like not doing this same type of thing for Crofton would be a shame, so I am going to try to get back on the wagon and make posts with pictures once again.

I'm not sure who is still getting emails about blog updates, or who is even interested.  Feel free to drop me a note or a comment if you are, or if you want to.  Either way, I'm going to start this up again and here are some pictures of Elliana and Crofton as this blog makes a transition from that of an only child to one for a pair of siblings!

Loving her bro!
Little smirk...
Loving life!
King Naptune indeed!
Take that Romney!
Pro-Public Brodcasting Family...
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