Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Tooth Already?!?!

Our little lovie is only three months old, but she got her first tooth this past weekend. It is her lower left front tooth, and she is always feeling it with her tongue, and trying to figure out what is going on with her changing mouth. I haven't been able to catch a good picture of it yet, but I will keep trying.
Elliana had a great time with Uncle Dwight, Auntie Daleen, and cousins Kavan, DW, and Trevor over from California these past couple weeks (along with the rest of the family of course!). Even in the toughest of times in losing Bill, the family was able to be together a lot, for laughs, tears, and comfort. Lots of cookouts, a few beach days, and company seemed to help in the healing process, and Bill will always be in our hearts...
Some more pictures
Who is happier than this little girl?

With Cousin Kavan and Mommy...

Peeking out from behind Auntie Nadine's shoulder, just checking things out...

All of the Grandkids (and one greatgranddaughter)

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Anonymous said...

Rob - we have definetly had our ups and downs the past couple of weeks,but the children always make it so much better! along with a couple of Uncle Bobby's stories about Dad.