Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bottle Protest!

Elliana is officially on protest. Today was Kristen's first day back at work (East Gloucester Elementary 5th grade), and Auntie Jane is now watching the lovie full time. She might be having second thoughts as the little girl has refused outright to take formula from the bottle. She did manage to feed her cereal and eventually tricked her into taking breastmilk from a bottle. Here is a picture of Elliana with her tongue out to complete the formal protest.
Also, the blog should be a two way street, so until I start to get some comments, I am holding further pictures hostage!
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Anonymous said...

She wants Auntie Sybil to feed her the bottle, didn't she tell you? that's what she's holding out for!
She going to make up for making me feel sooooo sad :( I going to put some sugar in it and we'll be bff!:) Love the pictures Rob and I commented so now you can give us more!

Alma said...

Rob the pics are great please don't hold out on the others. I love the blog updates so keep them coming please. Even though I see the baby often I love the pics. The first feeding is so cute....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rob, you really are getting old. Hope you can make it through a full hockey season this year without breaking a hip or something.
The Pics are really great, I can really see the ABS shining through.


trish said...

Kristen and Rob,

Love all the pictures. Elliana is getting so big so fast! Looks like she had a good vacation (even if she was with a motley crew!) She is adorable even with food all over her face. Please don't hold back any pics, we need our Elliana fix on a regular basis! Hope Rob had a good birthday and Kristen had a good return to work. Sorry I missed seeing you all on Monday.
Love YN

Linda said...

Please, please pretty please... give us more. We love them all.