Friday, September 12, 2008

New Poll!!!

It seems that I am getting a bit of grief for wearing a helmet while towing the little girl with my bike. Note the following two comments:
whats with the helmet?
~Ryan (listed as Anonymous, could be Agustina but for the purposes of this post we will go with Ryan)
That is a pretty sweet set up she's got there. And Rob, you look super fast in that helmet.
Unlike someone who already has brain-damage (i.e. Ryan and Nate), it could actually affect my life significantly if I were hit by a car and smashed my head on the pavement. So with the real elections looming I submit to you another voting opportunity with the following question:
Who looks better in a helmet, Rob or Ryan, as seen in the photos below? Please answer in the top right section of Elliana's Main Page!

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Grandma said...

I am very happy that my eldest son wears his helmet. (top pic) and he looks very good. I am reluctant to admit I know the other man. (bottom pic) I havent seen him around town lately but I will keep an eye out for him and hope I see him soon.

trish said...

Kudos to you for wearing your helmet. You set a good example for Elliana and other children. Brain damage is alot less appealing than a helmet!

Ride on

Anonymous said...

there are on ave 147,000 head injuries a year from not wearing a helmet and 95% of bike deaths would be prevented if the person was wearing a helmet so imagine rob out riding and falling slaming his head on the curb and elliana in the trailer not being able to do a thing so i guess rob is doing the right thing wearing his helmet as all should be doing while riding at all times .papa

Kimalee said...

I am glad you are wearing it, especially in Gloucester and most important, you are in charge of a very special cargo!