Monday, October 6, 2008

Nice weekend!

So Elliana is now having sweet potatoes for big girl food and loves them, but tried green beans, and they seemed to give her a tummy ache. She also tried a big girl sippie cup, not sure if she drank much out of it, but she definitely loved playing with it. Elliana is also doing razzes a little bit, and loves to make silly noises when we put our fingers near her mouth. She is still practicing her pre-crawl, getting close to being able to push herself onto her bum (sitting) from her belly. She is really good at rolling now too, if you look away for a second she might be 2 rolls, and a backwards slide away, 5 feet or more!
Here she is all bundled up to watch the Cross-Country meet (Michael, Anthony, and Jessie all run).
Big girl cup!

Who are you sticking that tongue out at?!?!

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Kathy Gillis said...

There is no one cuter than elliana!She is so special!!!Love her big eyes and happy smile!!

trish said...

Hugs and kisses to Elliana!