Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pre-Crawl Practice (backwards)

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, I will try to be better about posting. Elliana has been really practicing getting on her hands and knees and then rocking back and forth. She is actually pretty good at moving herself backwards, if you take your eyes off her for a second she can be across the room with a roll, and backwards slide. She is still loving her exer-saucer, who is happier than her?
She also still loves her Beethoven video she sits up right in the boppy and watches the whole thing...
Playtime with Mommy, here comes a big wet kiss!
Here she is on her hands and knees. Picture her rocking back and forth really fast until she pushes herself forward onto her belly...If I can get a video of it, I'll post it.
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Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her watching TV! She is so damn cute!

Auntie Sybil

kathy gillis said...

she is so adorable!!those great big eyes!

trish said...

love the new pictures of Elliana. she looks so happy and cute, you can't help but smile!