Friday, November 28, 2008


Almost sounds like Elliana is saying baby here, instead of ba ba ba ba ba. Still can't figure out how to undistort the video, so it is streched vertically, but I'll get it eventually. In the meantime enjoy...

On another note, I hearby nominate Kathy Gillis as "Commenter of the Year" for 2008. We are sure to see a comment from her right after a post is made. Everybody else better start your own comments rolling if you want to get a nomination. To leave a comment click on the "X comments" text at the bottom of the post you want to comment on OR click on the post title you want to leave a comment on and then click "Post a comment" at the bottom of the page that just opened.

Baba or Baby? from Rob Parsons on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

she was really showing off her teeth n that video. I guess the turkey didn't make her sleepy.

Anonymous said...

I'm tring to figure out who is the bigger tech nerd, you or me.

She is just so damn cute. As I type this I hear Snoop Mad waking, yikes!

Anonymous said...


She is sooo CUTE! Just like her Auntie.

Love you,

Aunite Sybil

Kathy Gillis said...

Hi everyone,thanks for the nomination!!Ilook forward to all the pictures and videos of my favorite baby girl!!Sorry this comment was late,I have been working long crazy hours at my customer service job at LL Beans! Today is my only day off for the next seven days so I am truly happy to get my elliana fix!!She gets sooo excited I love watching her talk,SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!! Love and kisses to you folks, Kathy Gillis

trish said...

It doesn't matter really what she says, she is so darn cute saying it! xoxo to Elliana from YN