Friday, November 21, 2008

Cutie Pie

Here are some recent shots of Elliana.
Look Mommy, no hands!
Happy little girl...
Gimme that camera!
Our devious little trouble maker!
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Kathy said...

She looks pretty in that little outfit,she has some adorable clothes!You guys must have a blast dressing her up!!that last photo is soo cute,looks like shes up to no good,ha ha!!!Love,Kathy

Anonymous said...

Rob, that must have been right after I left, she LOVES her Auntie.
She was so happy for me to visit.


Anonymous said...

she's a little cutie pie.

kristen said...

okay...that outfit is adorable! where did you guys get it, cuz i think emerson wants one so she and her best bud can match! :)