Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Pics

Here are some more shots of Elliana. This one is her new big girl seat for when we go to the grocery store. She gets to sit in this big green poofy thing instead of the cramped car seat. It is much easier to look around and she loved it last weekend.
Talking to Mommy while they decorate the porch for Christmas!

Just looking cute in her new hat and fuzzy jacket!
Grandma found these great little people toys, a Grandma, a Grampie, and a kitty cat (Whitfield, Ryan and Agustina's cat when they get back but Grampy's for now!)
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trish said...

Elliana must be the most stylish girl at the grocery store! Love her front row seat for decorating too. XOXO from YN

Kathy Gillis said...

That is a very cute big girl seat, looks very comfy!!Elliana is adorable as usual in that adorable little jacket!!Mommy looks very pretty too!!People must be commenting when you guys are out and about how beautiful Elliana is!!Nice pictures, they always brighten my day!! Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

I am loving the hat, she makes such a beautiful flower!


Auntie Sybil