Monday, February 2, 2009

Wii and 3D Superbowl...

Well, Elliana made it through her first Superbowl experience (actually she was in bed at 7:30). Earlier in the day, Tom and Jess were over playing with her. Tom showed her how to play Nintendo Wii. Then at night we had Gorgefest 2009 with pizza, wings, pulled pork, gumbo, icecream, etc. etc. Quite a day and night! Here are some shots.
I love this game!
Like this Tommy?
Look, I can steer the car with my mouth...
3D, yeah right!
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U Bob J said...

She is looking busy

Anonymous said...

Looks like elliana is having alot of fun! I love the little dress and the bow to match,so cute!!the super bowl feast sounded pretty yummy tooo! Love the pictures!! Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

she is a beauty
good first superbowl from the looks of it
i am calling for a make up gorge fest for when i get back, though i did make some good bbq superbowl wings