Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning Pictures...

Took some pictures this morning while playing in the kitchen with Elliana. She was running all over the place with her carriage, playing with the toys on the fridge, and climbing all over me on the floor.
She doesn't really like to be in the exersaucer anymore, but she still likes to play with the stuff on it...
Elliana absolutely loves her giant bag of LEGOS that she got from cousin Michaela. She also wants her to come back and play soon!
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trish said...

Looks like Elliana is getting quite comfortable behind that carriage. She will be tooling around on her own in no time!
We had fun playing with her last Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I love elliana, she is so darn cute!you must have so much fun playing with her.She is so good natured, what a sweetie Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

I bet mommy and daddy LOVE picking up all those legos from Michaela too! Mairssa and Michaela can't wait to come and play again. They might be calling more often now that they don't nannies to escape from mom. We hope to see you all this weekend!
Love, Auntie Sybil