Monday, January 26, 2009

Walking Practice!

Elliana has been all about trying to walk these last few days. She is pulling herself along the couch, and especially loves to hold your hands and walk, or use her baby carriage. She gets too excited a lot though, gets on her tippy toes, and laughs as you help her crumple to the ground. She thinks its hilarious to walk from one person to another. Here are some shots of her practicing her newest trick!
Pushing the carraige all alone...
Look Mommy, only one hand...
Inching along the dryer and the cabinets!
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Anonymous said...

oh, she is so adorable!I cant wait to see her running all over the house!!She is fast becomming more and more mobile, watch out, ha ha!!Hope your all doing well!! Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

she looks great with all that hair, so grown up, can't wait to see her and everyone


Anonymous said...

I love elliana's pjs!!!!
They are so cute. See you at school!!

Caroline Murray

Anonymous said...

I love elliannas 3D glasses. Did she learn how to play wii?
See you in school.