Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Second Time's a Charm

Elliana was LOVING the snow her second time out in it. She wanted to pick it up, and push her hands into it, and crawl around (which was very difficult). The little lovie tasted the snow on her mittens and even made herself a tiny snow angel!
Crawling is tough in this stuff...but fun!
That looks yummy!
I'm stuck!
Arms up, arms down...
Beautiful little angel...
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Anonymous said...

She certainly is a little angel. How cute are those pictures. Keep them coming, they make my day.

Anonymous said...

I love,love,love the snow angel!

Aunite Sybil

Grandma said...

She is Grandma and Grampy's little angel. She makes us smile :)

Anonymous said...

Elliana looks so cute in theses pictures!!It looks like she is having a blast!!I guess snow is something you just have to get used to!Love the snow angel,but little elliana is still the prettiest angel of all! Love Kathy

Anonymous said...

good to see her enjoying it now. might be too soon to get her a snowboard, but maybe next year. can't wait to see her.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! She is so cute. I love her snow angel

The murray

Anonymous said...

we will see you after the long weekend. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From your favorite students,