Monday, June 29, 2009

Fiesta Fiesta!

Elliana had lots of fun at St. Peter's Fiesta. We watched the greasy pole, seine boat races, and she went on the carnival rides like a champ. Carousel, giant slide, crazy bus, all sorts of sketchy carnival fun!

Fun with Mommy and raspberries for Daddy!
Crazy bus with Grandma (the bus was far less crazy than the toothless lady working it...)
More fun on the horsies with Daddy!
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I think she needs a pony for her next b-day . It looks like the little princess had a blast .love papa

Anonymous said...

It was nice to visit for a few minutes today!

Love you

Auntie Sybil

Anonymous said...

looks like fun wish the boys could have gone to, it certainly will be interesting when kavan and elli meet again now that they are so, well im not sure how to put it, i dont think "much older" quite covers it.

- uncle dwight and fam

Anonymous said...

Elliana looks so big now!I can not believe how fast she is growing! Looks like a fun day for all!!Love Kathy