Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grilled Cheese Head!

Elliana loves her grilled cheese sandwiches, whether Daddy makes them, or from the Cupboard House. Here are some shots of her (sorry for being the biggest slacker ever!)...
Big girl bites!!!
Did you want some of this grilled cheese?
Just kidding, it's mine!
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Anonymous said...

Sure is good to see my favorite little girl!!She makes that grilled cheese look mighty tasty!!I love those too,yum yum!!Love you Elliana! Love, Kathy

Caroline said...

ellianna is so cute eating the grilled cheese!!! I bet she would like it better at the beach!!!! I know i would! Thanks for a great year Mrs.Parsons!!!I hope to see you guys at the beach if the weather gets nice!

Anonymous said...

Are we going to the beach, soon?
Auntie Sybil