Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby's Room Update

We have done a little more work on the room in the last couple days and it is really coming together. I was able to install new electrical outlets without shocking myself too badly. I also managed to assemble the crib and bookshelf without too much trouble two nights ago. The crib was pretty straight-forward, but the bookshelf had about 300 pieces. I didn't have to use any duct tape, and didn't end up with any extra nuts or screws, so I'm thinking I pulled it off without any problems. Now the room has new plugs, a crib, bureau/changing table, bookshelf and area rug in it.

Here is the bureau/changing table and bookshelf


and the crib


and the rug.


Looking good so far, next we'll get some closet doors and we already have a rocking chair on order.

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