Monday, March 3, 2008

First post, first baby...

Just leaving my first post on the new "blog" site. I thought this would be a good way to stay in touch with friends in various places. Actually Taylor suggested the "blog," being so hip, trendy and up to date with all this new-fangled technology the young folk are using these days. I was just planning to send a telegram to everyone, but he convinced me otherwise, since the cost would be prohibitive.

Anyway, the wife and I are expecting our first, a girl, in the next few weeks. We just finished the baby's room, blueboard, plaster, trim, paint, refinished the wood floor; lots of work, and it looks great. We will be putting together the crib and furniture over the next few days and getting the room ready for our new addition.

It's too bad we did so much work on the room, because now that I am a "blogger," I live in my parents' basement.

1 comment:

goose said...

the room looks beautiful, wish I was there!
kris, you were supposed to keep her in till I get back....but ok, I guess its fine....
miss you guys, miss mario karting with you.
Ill be back!(in a Governator voice)