Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Elliana's Christening

We had Elliana's Christening this weekend at Our Lady of Good Voyage. She was really good the entire time, enjoyed the cool water on her head during such a hot day, and managed to fall asleep in my arms as the ceremony ended. She got a little gold bracelet from Grandma and Grampie, a necklace from Godfather Ryan, and her dress from Godmother Nadine. Lots of friends came, and she got all sorts of gifts from them, and Elliana thanks all of you.

We had a wonderful lunch at Sugar Magnolias after the ceremony, finished off with a pretty cake. Sugar Mags food was terrific, as usual, and it was great to see everyone there.


hcollins20 said...

Such a good girl!!!!

Love auntie hayley

Alma said...

The day was perfect and Elliana was an angel.