Monday, June 23, 2008

Life's a Beach

Elliana made her first trip (of many more to come) to the beach on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, and she looked cute in her beach clothes (of course)! We went to Good Harbor, our favorite, and spent a nice day there. We also realized that between the jog stroller, beach chairs, beach bag, etc. etc. we probably need a bigger car. Oh, I also figured out how to post the pictures so you can click on it and get a bigger version, since the ones on the blog are pretty small!

Perfect day as the tide rolled in during the afternoon...

Elliana even got her first feel of the COLD New England ocean waters in Gloucester. But she liked the feel of the sand on her feet as she squeezed it between her little toes.

I just like this picture, ready for bed!

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are what I like to see! She looks like a soon to be regular at GHB.

Auntie Sybil

Anonymous said...

What a bathing beauty!! I went to Good Harbor today with Elliana but the weather did not cooperate but just spending time with Elliana (and her mother) is a day well spent! Auntie Rhonda