Friday, June 20, 2008

Mullet or bad haircut?

Ok, I know this is really Elliana's page, but I am going to get off track a little here. Kristen and I were at a Redsox game last week with our neighbors Guy and Jane. There was a woman sitting in front of us with a certain style haircut. I say it's a glorious mullet, Kristen claims that it's not.

I apologize for the grainy pictures but there were a few issues. I was using my camera phone, and I had to crop the photos to zoom in on her hair. She was only 1 row in front of me, so I was trying to not look too obvious about being a total prick and taking her picture. Also, I was quietly laughing and trying to hold the camera still, which was not easy. The first picture is the best, the others are a bit blurry.

I am going to post a Poll on the right side of the blog, and I hope you will take a second to give an answer. Before you answer, note that the top of her hair is short and feathered. The sides are short as well, with cropped sideburns. Kristen may point out the ponytail to you as evidence against the mullet, but imagine if you can, the elastic removed and the full glory of the rear plumage flowing down her back, contrasting nicely with the business-like nature of the front. I apologize for trying to influence you, just let your heart be your guide.


papa said...

the rolled up sleeve indicates a mullet but the hair on the top just looks like a bad haircut maybe you had to be there (next time just ask )

Y.N. said...

OMG I think I recognize this woman! She is a customer at the barn. In my opinion you are both right. It is a bad haircut styled like a mullet, or it is infact a mullet which constitutes a bad haircut. Either way it is JUST WRONG! Cute guy beside her though. Its not holding her back any.

Rinaldi Rd. said...

just because you put your woman mullet in a ponytail doesn't change what it is...a woman mullet.
but isn't a mullet just a bad haircut anyway?

-the godfather

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is it's just plain nasty! Now let's get back to the cute pictues of Elliana.

Auntie Sybil

Anonymous said...

If they didn't take your scissors away from you at the gate you could have taken care of the BAD haircut yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I think it's just a ridiculously horrendous haircut-half mullet and half something else not yet named. Rhonda